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Are you suffering from health conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, flu and other respiratory problems? Did you know that dirty and foul-smelling carpets can worsen your condition? Were you strongly advised by you physician to keep away from dusts, pollen and dirt? Worry no more. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is a highly recommended carpet cleaning service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Oh yes, we don’t rest until your carpet cleaning needs are dealt with. With just one call, we’ll have our cleaning team ringing your doorbell.

Sure it is not easy to maintain a tight up-keep in the cleanliness of your homes, especially if you have carpets all over your house. You then ask yourself, why did you ever get a carpet in the first place? Well, it’s already there, and you can’t just get rid simply because it’s dirty – remember the reason why you’ve kept it this long. And when you have – call us. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will clean it and restore it to its former beauty.

Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning Services?

  1. We use non-toxic materials. We understand that your health is very important and your condition requires the use of “lung-friendly” cleaning agents.
  2. Our team of experts has evaluated all the cleaning materials and conditioners that we use, to make sure that it doesn’t trigger your allergies. When you trust your carpet cleaning needs to us, you can be sure that you won’t smell any harsh chemicals after the job is done.
  3. We have budget-friendly packages. Would you rather get rid of your old-stained carpet and get a new one? Hmmm, that may be possible, however the cost of new carpets are, quite frankly, very ridiculous. With Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, we can save you a lot of money with our discounts and carpet cleaning packages if you become a regular customer.

Let’s start the clean-up! Call us now and we’ll provide a free quote for you. Carpet Cleaning Company is your next-door carpet cleaning New Jersey service that aims to provide quality service to everyone. Carpet Cleaning Company – the next generation of carpet cleaners!

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1 Room$79$67
2 Rooms$79$67
3 Rooms$104$88
4 Rooms$129$109
Love Seat$79$67

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*Prices are for Steam Cleaning Only.

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