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Area Rug Cleaning Experts can do Wonders for Your Health

While there are hundreds of area rug cleaners in NJ, their services are viewed by the average New Yorker as a waste of money, and a luxury afforded only by the richest of people. But clean rugs do not only look beautiful, it can also keep you healthy. Rug and upholstery cleaning in New Jersey should not be neglected.

Mycotoxins are poisonous compounds produced by certain kinds of fungi, and are a common in dirty rugs. Long-term exposure to them can wear down your immune system. It can also affect your family’s health with a whole list of ailments, ranging from stomach infections to respiratory problems.

Walking barefoot on a rug can also cause athlete’s foot because dirty rugs harbor pollutants and parasitic organisms. Unclean carpets are hospitable to harmful micro-organisms. Research has demonstrated that these organisms worsen asthma in children.

Dirty rugs are also a productive breeding ground for dust mites, which feed on fungi, human cells, and bacteria. Studies have shown that a sizable percentage of Americans are allergic to dust mites, and exposure to them can cause rashes on the skin and irritation to the nose and eyes. To avoid these health problems, you should trust your rug cleaning needs to professional cleaning companies.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning boasts a fully-trained team of expert cleaners, who devote their working lives to offering effective cleaning in New Jersey.

Benefits of Expert Area Rug Cleaning by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning

We have satisfied thousands of residential and commercial customers in the Tri-State area since 1995. In addition to homes, we also do floor cleaning service for universities, museums, restaurants, and movie theaters. Happy customers are repeat customers, and ours have armed us with a wealth of recommendations. We can deal with all manner of stains, spots, and odors, rapidly and thoroughly. Our business is fully licensed and insured.

We can work with hand-made, silk, Pakistani oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and designer silk. We also have special cleaning solutions for ultra suede, Brunschwig & Fils, chenille fabric, and velvet upholstery.

We will be happy to give you a free in-home consultation and a no-obligation quote. We do not ask customers to sign contracts for more than one cleaning. The standards to which we adhere are exacting.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is Trusted by Many for Expert Rug Cleaning Services

In addition to cleaning rugs, we provide the knowledge that allows our customers to prevent stains or other damage in the future. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is preeminent in the industry of rug cleaning.

Not every cleaning company uses safe products and procedures but Green Choice Carpet Cleaning uses only environmentally-friendly products: non-toxic, organic cleaning products and energy-saving equipment. Our cleaning systems are recommended by the leading experts in the industry of cleaning and elsewhere.

Call us now for a free quote. The more you delay, the greater is the risk to the health of those you love.

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